Optimise, treat and pressure-manage your water supply

Sourcing raw water is the first step in any water supply system. Our cost effective, reliable and energy-optimised raw water pumping solutions go further than most to bring water to life in a way that is financially and environmentally sustainable.

Drinking water treatment is technology-driven and heavily regulated, and you need a supplier of pumping, dosing and disinfection who can deliver a packaged solution for the entire water treatment process. We can assist you with both smaller custom solutions and the planning of complex water treatment systems, converting our state-of-the-art dosing and disinfection products into uniquely tailored systems that match your requirements.

To cut distribution costs, you need to reduce water loss (non-revenue water – NRW), reduce energy consumption and minimise operational costs for leaks and pipe maintenance. We package pumps, intelligent components and system surveillance to build unique pressure management solutions that maintain correct water pressure at the consumer and deliver peace of mind.