Optimised ground water extraction

For borehole raw water extraction, municipalities require the highest levels of energy optimisation and resource sustainability, reflected in lower lifecycle costs. Over the years, Grundfos has pioneered numerous innovations that become and continuously influence new standards, and we have experience from a huge installed base of stainless steel submersible pumps and motors.

For example, Grundfos pioneered the implementation of variable speed in pumping operations, and it is innovations such as this that will enable your water supply infrastructure to meet future challenges and regulations.

SP Pump performance measuring brochure

Download the brochure and learn more about how to measure performance of the SP pump.

Check pump performance in wells

Understand why well performance drops over time and see how our online tool measures SP pump performance in the well.

SP installation quick guide

Get the full value from your submersible pump system from this quick guide to safe installation of Grundfos SP pumps.

Submersible systems

Find out how we can equip any water supply application with a complete submersible SP system solution to optimise performance and energy efficiency.

CUE features and benefits brochure

Grundfos’ range of CUE frequency drives are highly versatile and can be used for  easy, efficient operation in all application areas. By connecting a CUE with a Grundfos SP submersible pump, you’ll bring advantages to yourself as well as your customers.

Download the brochure and learn more about the features and benefits of CUE.

Sand sensitive aquifier pumping

Watch the video and learn more about how to extract water in sand-sensitive aquifers.

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