Pumping systems for all types of irrigation systems

For the modern farmer, energy is often the highest single cost item. Grundfos supplies agricultural irrigation pumps that meet the low pressure and even flow requirements for uniform and efficient irrigation. Our pumping expertise and technology ensure uniform coverage despite fluctuating conditions, with pump efficiency optimised to reduce energy costs for running irrigation pumps, one of the highest single expenses for the farmer.

Pumps supplied for pressurised irrigation systems are perfect for sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation. Variable speed pumps and easily integrated controllers automatically react to changing conditions and demands to keep running costs down.

Whether your water source is surface or groundwater, your pumps powered from the grid or solar panels or there is a need for water treatment, Grundfos has a solution for you. We supply fermigation and chemigation systems for agricultural irrigation, solutions for turf irrigation and mixers to ensure optimal biological processes for handling manure from livestock.

Irrigation pump handbook

Read our comprehensive presentation of modern irrigation, where the complexity of an irrigation system is explained and made understandable.

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