Reliable solar water pumping from household to large-scale water supply

If you are looking for a highly-optimised solar water solution that matches any application on the farm or ranch, in or around the home, and for communities in developing countries, Grundfos supplies reliable, low-flow to large-scale water supply with no ongoing energy costs.

You get a solar water system with low operating costs and no energy costs, where costs are known in advance. A correctly-optimised system ensures long product life, low maintenance and manageable service requirements. In many places around the world, the investment climate favours solar power and you get a quick solid return on your investment. Let Grundfos provide you with advice and support to ensure delivery of the right optimised solar water solution.

We were the first to offer an off-grid water pumping system. Today, we are a global player that leads the way for developing sustainable solar water solutions. Grundfos solar water solutions provide reliable water supply for crop irrigation for farmers, livestock watering for ranchers and game parks, domestic water supply for homes and community water supply for remote communities and informal settlements.

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