Cost effective, reliable and energy-optimised surface water intake

For raw water intake from rivers, lakes and the sea, you require the highest levels of energy optimisation and resource sustainability, reflected in lower lifecycle costs. For sea water intake, your concerns are pumps that match the flow requirements, salt content and corrosion risk. Grundfos supplies cost-effective, reliable and energy-optimised surface water pumping solutions that meet these concerns.

Over the years, Grundfos has pioneered numerous innovations that have become or are becoming industry standards. One of these was the implementation of variable speed in pumping operations, and it is innovations such as this that will enable water supply infrastructure to meet future challenges and regulations.

Grundfos has a suitable pump for every type of intake. Water level variation, suspended solids such as grit and sand and water chemical composition need careful evaluation. We supply high-efficiency sea water pumps with low NPSH requirement (double suction, submersible, vertical), built with abrasion and corrosion-resistant materials. We also share knowledge with you by giving access to our pump selector, online design tools and downloadable technical documentation for an appropriate selection.