Optimised water distribution systems for all flow demands

Reduce water leakage (Non-Revenue Water – NRW) and cut energy and maintenance costs with optimised pumping systems and pressure management. You get an intelligent water distribution solution with self-learning algorithms that increases municipal water pump station and system efficiency.

The solution extends pipe network design life, ensures correct water pressure at the consumer and delivers peace of mind from high reliability and smart pressure control.

Grundfos supplies pumps and controls to cover a wide flow range within water distribution systems from the high flow requirements of distribution from main pumping stations, the medium and low flow requirements within the distribution pipe network from local pumping stations and the pressure zoning with increased pressure for specific network areas from in-line pressure boosting stations.

Furthermore, precision management of pressure uses data from critical pressure points within the pipe network via intelligent self-learning controllers linked to network pressure surveillance. Our dosing and disinfection solutions ensure chlorination in the distribution network.

Save significant energy, water and operating costs

Watch our Senior Application Specialist Kostas Goulas explain how to optimise your water distribution network with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS.

Intelligent pressure management 

Take a deep dive into the key challenges of water distribution in our whitepaper and learn how to gain ultimate control with Grundfos iSOLUTIONS.

The whitepaper has been prepared by Marco Fontozzi, a leading consultant in water loss management and an active member of the International Water Association’s (IWA) Water Loss Specialist Group.

Meet our expert on Demand Driven Distribution

Water loss is a major challenge for water distribution systems, but Demand Driven Distribution offers a smart and cost-effective solution. Watch our application manager explain how Demand Driven Distribution can improve pressure management in networks of all sizes – by minimising non-revenue water, reducing energy consumption, and saving operational costs for leaks and pipe maintenance, without compromising end-user comfort.


Beating water loss and saving energy 

See how Demand Driven Distribution resulted in 30% energy savings and pipe bursts, supply failures and water loss, for a German water utility.

Unveiling a new level of energy efficiency 

Discover how Grundfos iSOLUTIONS is helping an Austrian water utility realise its goal of supplying water sustainably to 50,000 residents.

Intelligent water supply for the community 

Find out how a Cambodian water plant has significantly reduced maintenance costs thanks to Demand Driven Distribution.

Optimised solutions for water distribution

Explore all the main equipment needed for an optimised and smart water supply system. Gain insights into intake pumping station layouts, why pump pre-selection and flow rate estimation are essential, and the importance of precise pressure management solutions. You can also get a comprehensive overview of our product and solution range.

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