Optimised water distribution systems for all flow demands

Reduce water leakage (Non-Revenue Water – NRW) and cut energy and maintenance costs with optimised pumping systems and pressure management. You get an intelligent water distribution solution with self-learning algorithms that increases municipal water pump station and system efficiency.

The solution extends pipe network design life, ensures correct water pressure at the consumer and delivers peace of mind from high reliability and smart pressure control.

Grundfos supplies pumps and controls to cover a wide flow range within water distribution systems from the high flow requirements of distribution from main pumping stations, the medium and low flow requirements within the distribution pipe network from local pumping stations and the pressure zoning with increased pressure for specific network areas from in-line pressure boosting stations.

Furthermore, precision management of pressure uses data from critical pressure points within the pipe network via intelligent self-learning controllers linked to network pressure surveillance. Our dosing and disinfection solutions ensure chlorination in the distribution network.