A programme designed for you

As a graduate you take control of your own career. Taking matters into your own hands, you tailor the programme to meet your personal requirements and ambitions. Our goal is to transform your curiosity into actions and opportunities. We focus on utilising your potential through regular evaluation and coaching to support your professional development and organisational understanding. We will also offer you the training and courses needed to meet your goals and help you design your individualised programme according to our group strategy and your competencies. In addition, you and the other graduates in Grundfos will meet regularly and exchange experiences.

The structure

A typical programme consists of four projects in four different departments. These projects constitute the building blocks of the programme, and they are your way of accelerating competence growth. Each of the four projects lasts around six months and at least one project should be located in one of our more than 55 international companies. In this way, you get the opportunity to experience different disciplines, develop a global network and improve your cultural and language skills.

During all four projects, we will ensure your development by offering:

  • A dedicated mentor throughout the programme ensuring your organisational understanding and guide you on your career development
  • An assigned buddy, who will accompany your graduate journey
  • A structured and individualised personal development plan
  • A programme manager, who will support you throughout the programme
  • Challenging projects promising to take you out of your comfort zone


We run graduate programmes in the following locations: 

  • Denmark
  • China
  • APREG (Australia, India, Singapore & Taiwan)
  • Hungary
  • USA & Mexico

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