As an intern, you get the chance to put your academic skills into play in a real life and practical environment. In return, we benefit from energy and inputs from young people who may consider familiar challenges in new ways.

At Grundfos, an internship normally lasts 5-6 months, but we also offer shorter periods. We plan the details as we go along.

If you are interested in an internship within Grundfos, please keep an eye on our job page for advertised internships.

As an intern, you become part of the everyday life at Grundfos, where there are lots of opportunities to learn through new and challenging tasks. Tasks which are not handed to you due to your role as an intern, but because they are just as important as any other task. I really appreciate the responsibility, not to mention the fact that I can always reach out for support when facing a challenge. There is a huge amount of knowledge gathered in the teams and all employees are open and willing to pass on their wisdom and passion.