ALPHA3 with built-in Bluetooth connectivity

With the ALPHA3 high-efficiency canned rotor circulator pump, it has never been quicker or easier for you to operate a pump in domestic heating systems. The ALPHA3 is fully-controlled via a smart device using the integrated Bluetooth communication. From the moment the circulator is installed and connected, all pump operation, including setup wizard, is available in the GO REMOTE app. Pump setup and monitoring is simpler than ever, and you get smarter and more optimal operation. The ALPHA3 also comes with built-in functionality to perform easy flow-based hydronic balancing with the Grundfos GO BALANCE app.

Grundfos GO REMOTE is our easy-to-use platform for remote product control, selection and information. It offers you fast and intuitive control of all pump features for connected pumps such as the ALPHA3. It also gives you direct access to our online tools, saving valuable time on reporting and data collection.

In addition, you can balance an entire heating system through the GO BALANCE app, with real-time calculations of the flow required in your radiator and underfloor heating systems. A step-by-step guide takes you through the whole process of hydronic balancing of all radiators and underfloor heating zones in the home.