Sustainable water supply with the Grundfos AQ range

AQ water treatment and water kiosk systems ensure optimal filtration and treatment and reliable drinking water in the off-grid urban and rural areas that need it most.

The modular Grundfos AQpure offers sustainable solutions for reliable and efficient water treatment – all while taking good care of the planet’s most valuable natural resource. As a water filtration system, AQpure produces safe drinking water by removing solids, bacteria and other impurities from rainwater, groundwater, surface water and brackish water. Designed for stand-alone, self-driven operation, the system is easy to install wherever you need it.

The intelligent AQtap water ATM is made for low-income communities in regions without access to a reliable water supply. Suitable for installation in urban and rural water schemes, the AQtap system enables efficient and financially sustainable water service operations. It is also easy for consumers to access using a WaterCard for credit storage and payment. Water credits can be acquired via local vendors or mobile payment.