AQtap water dispenser for water kiosks

Grundfos AQtap is an intelligent water ATM that addresses some of the main challenges of providing reliable and sustainable water supply in the developing world. Through an integrated platform for revenue collection and online management of water kiosks, Grundfos AQtap supports the financial viability and accountability of water service operations.

Grundfos AQtap is a single product that combines three elements essential to smarter water management:

  • Smart cards – where water credits are stored on WaterCards
  • AQtap water ATM unit – where water is tapped and credits managed
  • Water management system – where data from transactions and operations are processed and published

Uncertainty is removed from revenue collection by water service providers, because water credits are distributed within a closed system. Consumers can top-up their WaterCards in one of two ways:

  • Water vendor method, where credits are acquired on site
  • Mobile payment, where credits are acquired through mobile banking platforms


Grundfos AQtap can be installed in small or large water schemes in both urban and rural settings and operate as:

  • Water kiosk connected to the water network
  • Mini-grid of water kiosks connected to local water supply
  • Water kiosk connected to local water supply

When combined with the vast range of high quality pumps, controls, disinfection and water treatment solutions from Grundfos, systems can be designed to meet project specific requirements and criteria.

Features and benefits

  • Reliable and sustainable water supply
  • Easy and transparent water tapping
  • Efficient revenue collection
  • Smart water management
  • Access to water consumption and operation data
  • Full transparency and accountability
  • Improved efficiency in water kiosk operations
  • Improved capacity to expand water kiosk operations

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