Take control of your pump system with the variable speed CRTE

Built entirely from high-grade titanium and matched with a variable frequency drive, the CRTE pump is a high-efficiency in-line multi-stage pump suitable for highly-corrosive liquids such as seawater, acids, alkalis and industrial chemicals and abrasive, toxic, hazardous, flammable and odorous liquids.

The quality of CR pumps is already well-documented. Compliance and inspection certificates for CRT and CRTE pumps are available on order for aggressive environments, such as maritime and offshore applications, hazardous and potentially explosive environments, as well as energy and power suppliers.

MGE motors for increased efficiency and control 

Available with the IE5 MGE motor, which delivers the highest levels of energy-efficiency in the market and matches pump speed to constantly-changing requirements, giving you full control. 

The strongest solution

Built from titanium for unrivalled corrosion resistance in maritime applications and chemical processes. 

Heavy duty

Use in processes in the pulp and paper industries, offshore industries and refineries, metal-finishing, firefighting, desalination and chemical processing. 

High efficiency

Minimised pressure loss. Lower NPSHr pumps also available for applications involving poor inlet conditions, such as water treatment and boiler feed applications. 

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