The future is digital

At Grundfos, we have years’ worth of not only experience with but also data on our pumps and their performance.

This enables us to see patterns in pump behaviour and thereby predict possible issues before they occur, better than anyone in the market.

The aim of our Digital Service offering is to provide you with the most precise data available for optimisation, and to take a greater responsibility for your pump performance which is made possible by features such as remote monitoring and control.

All Grundfos pumps developed today have built-in connectivity, and all older pumps can be retrofitted with the newest technology.

Grundfos Digital Services for me mean less labour and more uptime

Leave it up to Grundfos specialists to monitor your pump performance, send alarms and optimise your system.

See how customers benefit from this service offering

When Grundfos is a part of the solution, you get reduced energy consumption, increased comfort and unsurpassed operational reliability. Read our customers' own stories about how they benefit from the Grundfos approach to intelligence, water and energy.