Grundfos Remote Management (GRM)

Keeping up to date with the status of pump system assets can be a complex, time-consuming business. Grundfos Remote Management is a secure, cost-effective and straightforward way to monitor and manage pump installations in commercial buildings and in water supply and wastewater infrastructure. It reduces the need for on-site inspections and in the event of alarms or warnings, the relevant people are notified directly.

Access crucial pump data remotely

Grundfos Remote Management provides remote access to data from pumps, pump controllers and auxiliary equipment like sensors and meters.

Access across installations

As a GRM user, you get full access to data from any pump installations registered to your account.

Detailed mapping

A fully-configured GRM system account contains maps and system drawings that provide an overview of your pump installations. 

Remote messaging

You can receive operating status messages by SMS, while reports and statistic trends can be compiled and downloaded to a computer.

An on-call schedule can re-direct alarms to users whenever they are on duty, and it contains a service log for all your pumps.