KPBasic pump for pumping drainage and wastewater

The KPBasic is a range of compact, cost-efficient pumps designed for pumping drainage and wastewater with soft solids of a size of up to 10 mm. The materials of the pumps ensure an excellent robustness combined with a light weight.

The KPBasic models are suitable for permanent installation in a pump pit, or as portable utility pump. Thanks to its compact, easy to handle design, it can easily be used as a portable pump.

The KPBasic series is also designed for automatically operated fixed applications in domestic use, draining basements and garages which are subject to flooding.


Lifting water from tanks or rivers, emptying swimming pools, fountains, excavations and underpasses, pumping rain water and slightly dirty waste water without fibres, drainage jobs in and around home and garden etc.

Features and benefits

  • Light-weight
  • Cost-efficient, without compromising quality
  • Composite materials