Ensure optimal pump performance with Grundfos Laser Alignment

Wear and tear due to pump motor shaft misalignment shortens pump life and decreases pump performance, resulting in increased running, maintenance and repair costs.

A pump laser alignment from Grundfos corrects shaft alignment to within a fraction of a millimetre, ensuring optimum pump efficiency and extended service life. Not only do you get a little extra return on your pump investment, you also reduce pump vibration, thereby lowering noise levels.

While primarily targeted at Grundfos long-coupled pumps, Laser Alignment is also recommended for fire systems and may be applied to long-coupled pumps from other manufacturers.

Your Grundfos laser alignment journey

We follow five steps to ensure that your laser alignment process runs optimally.

  1. Initial contact – When selecting a new pump, consider Grundfos Laser Alignment to ensure correct and optimal performance.

  2. Proposal – We supply you with a proposal for laser alignment.

  3. Fulfilment – We carry out the laser alignment on an agreed date.

  4. Assessment – We check that each pump shaft is perfectly aligned and supply you with a detailed report.

  5. Follow-up – We follow up on the performed service to ensure optimal service delivery and satisfactory pump performance.

See how customers benefit from this service offering

When Grundfos is a part of the solution, you get reduced energy consumption, increased comfort and unsurpassed operational reliability. Read our customers' own stories about how they benefit from the Grundfos approach to intelligence, water and energy.