Stay prepared with Vibration Measurement

A Grundfos Vibration Measurement is your opportunity to get a detailed overview of what needs adjustments in order to avoid excessive wear and tear on your pumps and unnecessary energy losses.

Grundfos specialists visit your facility to measure vibrations of the selected pumps.

After careful analysis of the collected data, you receive a report on the status of your pumps and whether their vibrations are within the standards.

This allows you to take the necessary actions, if any, to prevent running down pumps prematurely.

Your Grundfos vibration measurement journey

When we carry out a vibration measurement, we follow a four-step process to ensure the optimal solution:

  1. Initial contact – We assess your needs and prepare a quotation.
  2. Fulfilment – Grundfos specialists carry out the vibration measurement and analyse the collected data.
  3. Report – We deliver a report on elements that need adjustments, replacement or repair.
  4. Follow-up – We follow up on the performed service to ensure optimal service delivery.

See how customers benefit from this service offering

When Grundfos is a part of the solution, you get reduced energy consumption, increased comfort and unsurpassed operational reliability. Read our customers' own stories about how they benefit from the Grundfos approach to intelligence, water and energy.