How an Energy Audit works

An Energy Audit is the most comprehensive analysis of your pumps offered by Grundfos. Here is how it works:

  1. Initial Contact – We pre-qualify your site through a discussion of relevant site information or an Energy Check.

  2. Diagnosis – We inspect your premises and draw up a list of performance data and installed pumps, pinpointing focus areas.

  3. Proposal – The energy audit is carried out by logging data, resulting in a load profile for the audited pump(s).

  4. Fulfilment – You receive a printed report with full details of the audit results and recommendations. 

  5. Assessment – Should you choose to replace or upgrade pumps, we can help you select the right pump solution for your system based on optimum performance and energy and cost savings. 

  6. Follow-up – We will follow up on the performed service to ensure optimal service delivery and satisfactory pump performance.