Six easy steps to energy savings

The Energy Check is an on-site inspection which requires just a few hours of your time and does not result in system downtime. 

  1. Initial contact  
    Grundfos secures a pre-qualification of your facility through a discussion of the types of pumps you use, your applications, your process flow, size, age of existing pumps and other relevant information.

  2. Diagnosis  
    We visit your premises and draw up a preliminary list of performance data and installed pumps. This allows us to pinpoint areas requiring optimisation.

  3. Proposal  
    Based on the diagnosis, we will propose suggested actions. During the walkthrough, we make observations of the pump system.

  4. Fulfilment   
    Here, we carry out a comprehensive Energy Check of your entire system or selected parts before drawing up a report on the potential energy savings.

  5. Assessment 
    Should you choose to replace or upgrade pumps, we can help you select the right pump solution for your system based on optimum performance and energy and cost savings. 

  6. Follow-up
    We will follow up on the performed service to ensure optimal service delivery and satisfactory pump performance.