Chlorine dioxide disinfection generated on-site and on-demand

The Oxiperm ISIA underwater disinfection system mixes solutions of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to produce chlorine dioxide. This chlorine dioxide is then precisely dosed into your water supply to kill germs and the biofilms where germs grow. 

Easy installation

The chlorine dioxide is available "on time and on-site" with no requirement for a storage tank.

Smaller reactor

Oxiperm ISIA uses a smaller reactor than traditional technologies, meaning less accumulation of concentrated ClO2 in the disinfection unit. 

Fewer chemicals

Patented underwater production technology requires fewer chemicals and generates fewer disinfection by-products, resulting in minimised operating costs and improved water quality.

Because the ClO2 reactor is underwater, it never comes in contact with any other part of the system or the surrounding environment, ensuring longer system life and safety.