Chlorine dioxide-based to ensure clean, germ-free water

The Oxiperm OCC-164 4-10 kg/h water disinfection system mixes concentrated solutions of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to produce chlorine dioxide. This chlorine dioxide is then precisely dosed into your water supply to kill germs and destroy biofilms where germs grow.

Easy troubleshooting

LEDs in a clearly arranged flow scheme allow possible errors to be identified quickly and precisely. In addition, all operating states and messages are shown in the plain-text display. 

Safe drinking water

Chlorine dioxide does not affect the taste or smell of treated water, making the OCC-164 4-10 kg/h a perfect choice for process water treatment in the food and beverage industry, in cooling water treatment and for municipal drinking water treatment.  

Digital Precision

Precise digital dosing eliminates overdosing and maximises process safety