Legionella control begins with the Oxiperm Pro OCD-162 

The Oxiperm Pro OCD-162 is specifically designed to control legionella and other harmful pathogens in cooling systems and drinking and bathing water in buildings without affecting the taste or smell of water. 

This chlorine dioxide-based system is ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools, retirement homes, fitness centres, sports facilities and residential buildings. The Oxiperm Pro can also be used to disinfect cooling water systems and drinking water in water plants or industrial processes.

Chlorine dioxide-based to remove both legionella and biofilm

Oxiperm Pro OCD-162 water disinfection systems mix diluted solutions of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to produce chlorine dioxide. The key advantage of chlorine dioxide over other disinfectants is its effectiveness against biofilms. It destroys the existing biofilm, thus removing the breeding ground for microorganisms and prevents it from building up again.

Cleans effectively

Chlorine dioxide is precisely dosed into your water supply to kill germs and destroy the biofilms where germs grow. 

Safe drinking water

The Oxiperm Pro OCD-162 does not affect the taste or smell of treated water, making it a perfect choice for commercial building applications.

Compact design

Oxiperm Pro OCD-162 is easy to install, even in confined spaces.