Lower energy costs and short payback times

Did you know that 85 % of the total life-cycle cost of owning a pump goes to paying for the energy to power it? Or that most pumps today run at 100 % power all the time – even when they do not need to?

Replacing older or inefficient pumps with new, energy-efficient models can lower your operating expenses and improve operational efficiency within a relatively short payback time.

With Grundfos replacement service, your pump system will be optimised for higher performance and lower energy consumption from day one.

Contact your Grundfos dealer for personal support and counselling if your old pump was not ideally suited to the application and you need help optimising the new installation.

Simple pump replacement to meet your exact needs

A pump replacement service follows six simple steps:

  1. Initial contact – Grundfos gets an overview of your needs, gains an insight into the areas that are not perform optimally and defines the next steps.

  2. Diagnosis – Grundfos performs an Energy Check or pump audit.

  3. Proposal – Grundfos recommends the next steps in order to secure optimal performance and cause minimal disruption to your processes.

  4. Fulfilment – Grundfos supplies lists of recommended pumps and services and the orders are shipped. You select delivery options and the point of sale.

  5. Assessment – Grundfos can help you with the commissioning, ensuring minimum downtime and optimised performance.

  6. Follow-up – Grundfos follows up on the performed service to ensure optimal service delivery and satisfactory Grundfos pump performance.

See how customers benefit from this service offering

When Grundfos is a part of the solution, you get reduced energy consumption, increased comfort and unsurpassed operational reliability. Read our customers' own stories about how they benefit from the Grundfos approach to intelligence, water and energy.

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