When you need more pressure, SCALA1 is there to help

Grundfos SCALA1 is an all-in-one pressure boosting unit with a high-efficiency motor and hydraulics with low noise operation for domestic water supply and light commercial applications. Built-in Bluetooth communication gives you complete control over the ​pump using the Grundfos GO REMOTE, also for twin pump operation.

Therefore installation and commissioning is easy. The Grundfos GO REMOTE app shows alarm status and get easy pump diagnostics. You can create and email reports onsite and access hard-to-reach installations remotely from the app. ​

Designed for pressure boosting in domestic installations, use SCALA1 for pumping from a roof tank, break tank or ground tank. It is also ideal for water supply from shallow wells (less than 8 m) and for pressure boosting from city mains water.

For domestic pressure boosting, you get water on demand for:
• Taps and showers in the home ​
• Garden and lawn irrigation ​

In addition, SCALA1 is the perfect pressure boosting solution for light commercial applications as greenhouses, irrigation, car wash and produce (fruit and vegetable) section in supermarkets.​

If greater flow is required, this is easily done in a twin pump setup with the available accessories (including baseplate, cable and inlet and outlet manifolds).

All-in-one booster unit

Complete all-in-one unit, integrating pump, motor, diaphragm tank, pressure and flow sensor, dry-running protection, controller and non-return valve provides you with optimal pressure boosting for water on demand and intelligent pump control. 

Bluetooth communication built-in

The built-in two-way communication system connects to the intuitive Grundfos GO REMOTE app, which enables you to monitor, trouble-shoot and control SCALA1 from your ​smartphone. ​

Save time installing SCALA1 – simply connect the pipes, prime the pump and plug it in. For fast and easy commissioning, configure the pump quickly and intuitively directly from the pump control panel.

For more advanced settings you can use the Grundfos GO REMOTE app and follow the guided online configuration. ​

Built-in multi-pump/booster technology enables twin pump connection with joint pump control in either duty/assist or duty/standby mode. Configuration is done easily using the Grundfos GO REMOTE app, where you can also adjust the alternation setup. 

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