Improve your sewer connection with Sololift

Many homes suffer from poor sewers, and homeowners aiming to install new toilets and bathrooms sometimes face large bills for improving existing sewers to avoid the risk of backflow. The Grundfos Sololift range of domestic wastewater lifting stations with integrated powerful cutter and pump systems provides a simple, compact and cost-effective solution to these problems. It collects wastewater from domestic sanitary appliances and pumps it through a thin pipe to the next collecting pipe with a downward slope, up to a height of 6 m or 100 m in distance.

The Sololift range is engineered for high reliability and easy maintenance. It is the most service-friendly domestic lifting station on the market, and its integrated lift-out pump unit enables fast and clean maintenance and repair. The range covers all the needs of a family household. Combined blackwater and greywater models can handle toilet waste, while greywater models are designed for use with washing machines and kitchen sinks and can withstand water temperatures of up to 90 °C for up to 30 minutes.