Easy withdrawal of contaminated groundwater with the SP-NE submersible pump

The Grundfos SP-NE is a multi-stage, centrifugal pump with radial impellers directly coupled to a MS submersible motor. SP-NE submersible pumps are designed for pumping groundwater, and they are renowned for their high efficiency and reliability. The SP-NE pump is made of stainless steel and offers water-lubricated bearings and seal rings of FKM rubber

Specially designed for environmental protection, the SP-NE pump is resistant to chemical and oily solutions in water, making it the ideal pump to withdraw contaminated or polluted groundwater from dumps, chemical depots, industrial sites and garages. Consisting of inert materials, the SP-NE is also suitable for sampling and monitoring, water treatment systems and pumping of industrial process water. SP-NE is built for both continuous and intermittent operation.