How to use the GO Replace app for pump replacements and upgrades

Gain a step-by-step understanding of the GO Replace app and be better equipped next time you’re performing the replacement or upgrade of a pump.

The Grundfos GO Replace app is designed to assist you with replacements of broken Grundfos circulator pumps or upgrades of old, inefficient Grundfos pumps still in operation.

In this training module, we’re going to introduce you to the GO Replace app and highlight the key installer benefits that it brings. After this, we’ll take you through a comprehensive guide of GO Replace, demonstrating the simplicity and user-friendliness of the app. Come the end, you’ll find yourself much better equipped next time you’re performing a replacement job of an old Grundfos pump. Let’s get started.

First of all, the GO Replace app is an add-on to the new ALPHA1 L pump, which is a universal replacement pump that is backward compatible with the majority of old Grundfos circulators. 

But why should an installer actually use GO Replace as a tool for assistance?

Well, imagine that you receive a call from a homeowner. The Grundfos pump in his boiler is broken and he needs your assistance right away. Instead of going through the process of ordering the original spare part at the boiler manufacturer, you can simply replace the old pump with an off-the-shelf ALPHA1 L pump from your van. That way, you can improve business, save time and avoid the unnecessary hassle of ordering spare parts. 

And to make it even easier to select the right ALPHA1 L model, calculate savings and install the new pump, Grundfos has developed GO Replace. This saves you from guessing which pump model fits the boiler, while it also presents you with a tangible overview of savings. 

So, let’s dive straight in and take you through the app

First of all, you’ll need to download the app on your smartphone. It’s available on both the App Store and Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, open it and click ‘Start replacement’. Here, you’ll meet a registration screen, where you’ll need to fill in your company details and contact details. GO Replace is a tool for professionals and you must confirm that you are an authorized installer here.

When you’ve done that, you’re ready to start your replacement job."

First up, you must identify the product number of the old pump – an 8-digit number. You can do this by simply taking a photo of the number. Typically, you’ll be able to find the product number on the front of the pump. If, however, you can’t locate the number, you can select the ‘How to ID’ button to get an idea of where the number may be located.

You can also choose to enter the product number manually by choosing ‘Skip the photo’.

Whichever option you choose, you will be asked to confirm that the product number is correct before you move on. 

Now that you’ve entered the product number, you will instantly be presented with the key information for your replacement suggestion. 

In this example, the ALPHA1 L 25-60 130 is the best match. And GO Replace even recommends whether just the pump head or the complete pump should be replaced. Here, it recommends that you only replace the pump head.


On rare occasions, the app won’t recognise the product number that you’ve entered – for instance if the pump is too old. But don’t worry. If this is the case, you’ll be given contact details for your local Grundfos office where you can seek further support.

Next up is the application. GO Replace allows you to select the application in which the old pump is installed. The default application is set to a boiler system, but you can easily change the application by pressing the edit icon. To select either a radiator system or an underfloor heating system, simply tap on the respective icon and the savings and recommended control mode shown below will be updated accordingly.

Once you’ve selected your application, the estimated yearly savings are highlighted. And this is actually all the basic information you need, demonstrating just how simple and quick it is to use GO Replace. For now, though, let’s continue our guide through the app.

In this example, the yearly cost savings the homeowner can expect by replacing the old pump with the new efficient ALPHA1 L equates to 41-70 €/year. 

The fact that these savings are presented so clearly allows you to show them directly to the homeowner during the replacement job. 

Additionally, you can adjust the parameters used for calculating the cost savings to local needs. 

Here, you can change the number of yearly running hours to the exact you want, and the same goes for the energy price in the local currency. As soon as you press save, you’ll immediately see the updated savings.

The app also provides you with the recommended control mode. The ALPHA1 L is equipped with five different settings – speed I, II, III, radiator mode and underfloor heating mode. Based on the performance of the old pump and the application that you selected previously, the app will give you the recommended setting.  In this example, speed III is the recommended choice.

At the bottom of the main overview, you’ll see an option labelled ‘How to Install’.

Here, the different wiring options will be displayed. These include Molex and Volex adapter cables and the Grundfos installer plug. 

From here, you also have access to the ALPHA1 L quick guide, where you can find further instructions on wiring and much more.

Finally, you can generate a replacement report. The report includes all key information of the replacement. Simply press ‘Create report’, confirm that your contact information is correct and add your signature. Then you can either print or send the report to the homeowner by email. It’s that simple! 

All your reports are accessible from the app’s front page, meaning that you can easily gain access to them again if necessary.

That is just about it. But before we go, let’s sum up the main benefits of GO Replace.

First of all, it makes it easier for you to expand your business within heating applications – especially boilers.

In just a few simple steps it provides you with a replacement suggestion in terms of which ALPHA1 L type is suited to the given application. 

You can present the homeowner with an immediate report displaying the potential savings of installing an ALPHA1 L.

And finally, it’s really easy to use!

Course overview

Modules: 2
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Completion time: 25 minutes
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Difficulty level: Intermediate