An introduction to design features of COMFORT pumps

Discover the benefits of the COMFORT hot water recirculation pumps.

COMFORT is the obvious choice for hot water recirculation in private homes. Being safe, reliable, and energy-efficient, COMFORT pumps secure instant hot water… in both small…. and large houses. In this video, we will take a closer look at the benefits of the COMFORT hot water recirculation pumps.
Unlike water supply systems, hot water recirculation is not there to deliver hot water to the taps – this is the job of the booster pump. The role of a recirculation pump is to compensate for heat losses in the pipeline when all the taps are closed. For this, only a relatively small flow rate is needed.

Even in 4-family houses, the target value rarely exceeds 0.4 m³/h, and almost never exceeds that when the pipes are well insulated. Flow rate limits that are too high may cause many problems, including increased heat losses and accelerated corrosion due to flow velocity, which can lead to pinholes.

COMFORT pumps are a good fit and comply with pump manufacturer recommendations about velocity limits. It significantly simplifies the pump sizing process, making COMFORT an easy choice for most private homes.
The pumps are also designed and tested to operate with liquid temperatures up to 95°C or 180°F for UL-approved variants, which means they can be used with a range of different heat sources such as… solar panels, heat pumps, and various boiler types.

To secure reliable operation with no callbacks throughout the entire life cycle, COMFORT pumps incorporate a number of design solutions. Let’s have a closer look.

The pump parts which are exposed to water are made of brass, stainless steel, and composite materials.

This protects the pump from chemical reactions with oxygen and dissolved salts in the water. This makes the COMFORT pumps approved for use with drinking water. The unique design allows COMFORT pumps to operate in water of unlimited hardness… … thanks to the combined rotor and impeller held on a single bearing point by magnetic forces. This provides extremely low friction and the absence of increased wear made by limescale.

In case of foreign deposits and limescale, the pump can easily be cleaned due to the detachable design of both the head and impeller. If the system runs out of water, the comfort pump will stop thanks to its built-in dry run protection feature. The pump will try to start again after a short period to check if water has been resupplied to the system while ensuring the motor has not overheated.

COMFORT pumps are compact and not demanding on the mounting angle. It allows for installation in very limited spaces, and the pump head can be positioned downwards.

The head of the COMFORT pump is designed to fit all common brass pump housings from different brands, so if you need to replace an old pump, you can simply unscrew the old head…and replace it with a new COMFORT pump head. The COMFORT pumps all come with a connected cable or a plug, reducing the installation time and cost, and are protected with double electric insulation, so they do not need an earth connection. They also come with insulation shells which help reduce system heat losses.

“X” COMFORT variants are additionally supplied with a shut-off or isolating valve and a non-return or check valve. Variants for the North American market have their valves built into the housings. With just one move, you can isolate the pump without the need to drain the whole system… There is no additional cost for separate components. …which makes service so much easier. That covers the benefits of the COMFORT hot water recirculation pumps.

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