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GRUNDFOS in Albania

Bledar Bregu
Email : bbregu@grundfos.com
Mobile: +355 69 203 2308

Rr. Shyqyri Brari
Pallati "Syri i Liqenit", Kati II, Apt. 16 
1001, Tirana
Phone: +355 42 465 558

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                Or you can contact one of our distributors:

Rruga Teodor Keko, Rruga dytesore Egnatia
               1000 Tirane - Durres km 7, Albania

                e-mail: info@al-nobel.al


               Hidrosanitare SINANI
 Autostrada TR-DR Km 26
               2001 Durres, Albania                                                                                              

                tel: +355 68 207  0851
                e-mail: info@sinani.al