Meet Gabi – our 3D printing pioneer

Gabi Sanporean, Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer

Who am I
I have a bachelor in Chemical Engineering and a master in Biochemical Engineering in Romania. And all of a sudden, I somehow ended up with two Ph.Ds. – one in Chemical Engineering from Romania and one in Mechanical Engineering from Denmark. All in all, I worked in research within polymer materials for more than 12 years before joining Grundfos in 2019. 

How I make a difference
Working within additive manufacturing, also called 3D printing, I research new technologies and their potential. My team and I help identify possibilities and collaborate with colleagues in different departments to adopt these new technologies within different areas. With my research background, I have a deep knowledge of polymer materials and can help clarify what happens in a process. It is great being close to the development of new technologies for the future, both for Grundfos but also for the world. 

What drives me
Before joining, I did not know much about Grundfos and was very surprised to see that the company is much more than just water pumps. Grundfos is involved in so many aspects of people’s life and work in a sustainable way. There is a real concern for people worldwide, bringing water to those in need. It makes me feel really proud to tell people what we do here. I see my own values present in Grundfos, because I, as a chemical engineer, understand what is at stake with the environmental changes we see. 

I really love what I do. There are so many interesting projects going on that keeps me challenged and by being close to the development of technology, I constantly learn. My days are always full of surprises and times goes by so fast with new ideas flying around. 

Girl power
My job would not be the same without the people. I love being part of a team where we collaborate closely. The environment is very relaxed and friendly with people caring not just about work, but also about each other. The communication is open, and it is easy to keep in contact with my manager, who expects me to speak my mind. I really appreciate being amongst many different nationalities and having colleagues all over the world. And then I see other women working within engineering, which is great!

My best advice to a newcomer
Grundfos is a large organization, but do not worry – take it as it goes, and you will end up loving it. Grundfos is an incredible place to work.  

Fun fact
My colleagues think it is hilarious that I drink everything at room temperature. They say I drink cold coffee and warm water.

Meet Maryam – our purpose-driven teamplayer

Maryam Momeni, Lead Specialist, Fluid Mechanics

Who am I
After both a bachelor and a master in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Mazandaran in Iran, I continued as a lecturer within Fluid Mechanics. In 2009, I started my Ph.D. before joining Grundfos in 2013 as a Development Engineer. This led on a to a job role as a Senior Development Engineer before entering my current role as a Lead Fluid Mechanics Specialist. 

How I make a difference
With a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, I love solving problems and discovering new ways. Having mostly been involved with water treatment technology, I keep challenging myself by continuously taking part in solving the world’s water challenges. As a lead specialist, I am leading different research projects and creating the foundation of new technologies and capabilities. I also play a key role in our simulation driven development strategy and try to bring state-of-the-art knowledge to our team. However, I have not entirely left the academic world, as I take pride in collaborating with students at universities on different projects. Not only do they bring new ideas and useful knowledge to our work, but there is always a guarantee for a great, dynamic collaboration.  

Work with a purpose
To me, Grundfos is much more than a pump manufacturer. In Grundfos, focus is on people. People are taken care of and invested in, both employees and those in need. I want my job to be meaningful, and by working in the water treatment area, we try to bring clean and safe water to people all over the world. And it inspires me to know that I make a real difference by developing pump solutions that deliver clean drinking water. I am really proud to take part of this.

Collaborative culture
I am an energetic and communicative person, and the one thing I like the most in my job is that the environment supports and enhances these qualities. And then I really appreciate the collaborative culture among colleagues. We help each other and share knowledge, and I learn something new every single day. Grundfos creates a friendly environment, where we can help each other develop both personally and technically. I love all the different conversations with colleagues and value the good and constructive feedback given during the day. And with colleagues all over the world, there is never a dull moment. These interactions are what motivates me to come to work every day.  

Fun fact
I watch an episode of Friends before I go to bed to wash away all the pressure of the day.