6 Reasons to Install a Solar Pumping System for Your Off-grid Water Supply

If you need water in an off-grid area for stock watering or irrigation, you will need a reliable, cost effective water pumping solution.

There are many factors which may impact the pumping system you choose, including the water source (eg. bore, dam or river), where you need the water, storage and ultimately power supply. The two most popular off-grid pumping solutions are solar or generator powered. 

A diesel or petrol generator pumping system may seem like the easiest and most convenient option, but a renewable solar pumping solution offers many advantages over a generator powered system.

Let’s explore six reasons why you should consider a solar pumping solution:

1) Save money on energy costs

When compared to a diesel generator powered system, a solar pumping system is up to 4 times more cost effective over the first 10 years of operation. To find out more about these savings click here.

2) Long term, cost efficient pumping

Depending on the quality of the water, solar pumping systems often have a longer life span than other off-grid alternatives. This typically means the payback of the initial investment in a solar powered system over a diesel generator powered system, is less than 3 years. To find out more about the payback period click here.

3) Easy installation

You can easily install a new solar pumping system, regardless of whether you need to pump from a boredam or river. To ensure the installation of your solar pumping system runs smoothly, it’s important to bring together pumps, controllers and solar arrays that have been designed to work together. Ask your local solar pumping expert about what solar packages they have on offer, otherwise ask about a bespoke package to suit your own requirements.

4) Virtually no maintenance

Forget driving around your property replenishing fuel or maintaining diesel generators. Once installed, solar pumping systems have a comprehensive range of protection features, minimising downtime and reducing ongoing maintenance to near zero.

5) Environmentally friendly

Diesel generators, like with other fossil fuelled motors, will produce carbon emissions when in operation. A solar pumping system, in comparison, produces no emissions (when in operation), reducing the carbon footprint of your installation.

6) Government Incentives

The Federal Government as well as Governments in WA, QLD, NT and NSW offer a range of different rebatesloans and grants to support investment in solar pumping systems. See an overview of the available assistance below:

National Water Emergency Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

In March 2020 the Federal Government, in concert with the Governments of WA, QLD, NT and NSW, implemented a rebate scheme to assist primary producers put in place new water infrastructure.  Some state based Federal Government funding has been exhausted already, but others are still accepting applications.

Click here to find out more about the National Water Emergency Infrastructure Rebate Scheme

Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’S)

STC’s are tradable certificates which are created when you generate renewable energy, such as Solar. The number of credits you receive will vary depending on your location and size of the project.

Click here to find out more about Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC’S).

Drought Assistance Loans

The Federal and Queensland State governments are offering low/no interest loans to support future sustainability for primary producers.

Click here to find out about the Federal Government’s Drought Assistance Loan.
Click here to find out about the Government of Queensland’s Drought Assistance Loan.

Forget Diesel, think Grundfos Solar

Grundfos solar pumping solutions have been tried and tested in harsh Australian conditions for over 20 years. In fact, there are over 25,000 systems installed across the country, providing reliable water supply to off grid areas.

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