Project Blagotvoreniye

Since 2007

What is Blagotvoreniye?

Blagotvoreniye means making good things in Russian. In 2007, a group of Grundfos employees at GMO and GMR (Russia) started to donate part of their monthly salaries to support underprivileged children in their local community. Thus, the project ‘Blagotvoreniye’ was born, making good things wherever it goes.

With this tangible evidence of love and care, children do not feel abandoned or left to deal with their problems alone.

Svetlana Muravieva, a member of the Board of Guardians

The project has since become a permanent charity fund and has undertaken many types of charity projects over the years. In 2017 alone, our colleagues managed to collect over 35,000 Euros.

“Every employee can find an activity that suits his or her interests, as there are plenty of ways to provide assistance: from donating money, delivering gifts to the orphanages, or becoming a point of contact, among others. The more volunteers there are, the more things we can do,” says Elena Beliaeva, a member of the board of Guardians.

Some of their activities

Helping kids in Istra

To prepare the foster-children in 'Social Rehabilitation Center for the Kids' for the incoming school year, our colleagues made sure that their necessities before the school start were covered. This included materials such as books, stationery, new school clothes, sports goods and development games. Blagotvoreniye also provided one of the boarding schools with pumps, to construct their heating system.

For the SOS villages

Every year, our colleagues help to provide for the needs of the international fund SOS villages. In 2017, it was acessibility of medicine and medical equipment.

Medical treatments for kids

Together with various charity programmes, including The Life Line and Gift of Life, our colleagues contribute a monthly sum to financially support children who require life-saving surgical care. They also provided special school desks for children suffering from musculoskeletal system diseases and appliances for special education institutes, such as computers, washing machines and refrigerators, among others.

Vlad's story: One step at a time

Vlad is an 18-year-old autistic young man who is unable to speak, but very perseverant. Impressing his tutor with his hard work during therapy sessions, he has seen significant progress in his motor and cognitive skills.

Currently, Vladik undergoes what is called hippotherapy, which uses a therapy horse as a healing medium for physical, speech and occupational therapy.

The charity fund supports his family to relieve the financial burden of his hippotherapy sessions and individual work with his tutor. “I was in tears when Vlad wrote a letter to us,” says Vladik’s mother. In his conversations with his tutor, Vlad revealed an interest in philosophical issues and ponders about his future.

With the help of his mother, he could go shopping for the first time. He progresses towards independent living, a small step at a time.

Gleb's story: Go, go Gleb!

“A child’s health is the most important thing for a mother. I kindly ask for your assistance. Please, help Gleb to become a fully valid member of the society.”

That was the heartbreaking letter that Gleb’s mother sent. It was addressed to a charity fund, Care & Life.

Gleb is on the autism spectrum and his doctor says that an intensive rehabilitation is key to his progress. Starting from summer 2017, Grundfos reached out to support Gleb's therapy.