Our water is under pressure

Increasing urbanisation and our modern way of living place a heavy demand on the water supply. On top of this a combination of water contamination, leakages and over-consumption also challenges our access to safe and clean water. With intelligent solutions, we can make a change.

Solutions for cities 

Worldwide, cities are rapidly expanding hence the demand for water is growing and at the same time many of the same cities are running out of drinking water.  Despite this, we’re continuing to waste our available resources. Cities are losing up to 60% of all pumped water due to poor water networks. Intelligent water solutions can reduce losses like this dramatically. 

Solutions for industries  

Despite rising demands for water and energy, we’re continuing to contaminate our available resources. A total of 80% of all wastewater returns to nature without being properly treated. But if we started to use the same water more than once, with the implementation of intelligent water solutions, we can change this dramatically. 

Solutions for buildings

Increasing urbanisation is contributing to significant amounts of energy being used — the global cooling demand alone has doubled in less than 20 years. This growth in energy consumption is a major driver of climate change. There are plenty of intelligent solutions available; with more energy efficient pump solutions, we can reduce CO2 emissions while optimising energy consumption in buildings.


Care #ForOurWater

Everywhere water challenges are rising.  It’s time for a shift in mindset across all levels of society: from politics and industries, to cities and the people living within them. Help us solve the world’s water challenges. Because after all, the water belongs to all of us. We need to care For Our Water. #ForOurWater

Grundfos ambition

It is our ambition to help solve the world’s water and climate challenges and improve quality for life for people.

Safe water

By 2030, we aim to have contributed to providing safely managed drinking water to 300 million people in need.

Water efficiency

Through water efficiency and water treatment, we plan to have saved the consumption of 50 billion M3 fresh water.

Towards climate positive

By 2025, we want to have reduced our own CO2 emission by 50% (compared to 2008) and by 2030, we aspire to be 100% climate positive.

“The world is full of problems that can be solved in a better way.”

- Poul Due Jensen, Grundfos founder

In 1945, Poul Due Jensen invented a pump to make a difference. One generation later, in 1973, his son Niels Due Jensen set a new sustainable agenda and decided that each new Grundfos pump had to be 10% more energy efficient than the previous. Since then, our ambitions have built upon the Grundfos legacy — to go beyond business and to use our water management expertise to address and solve global water challenges.

Want to learn more?

The only way to make a change is to act. Below are some resources for further learning, including some success stories from around the globe, an overview of our current solutions and information on global partnerships and summits concerning water challenges.