Grundfos supports California wildfire relief efforts

Grundfos and its primary owner the Grundfos Foundation today announced a $65,000 USD donation to the American Red Cross of Central California - Central Valley Chapter in response to the recent wildfires that continue to have a devastating impact on communities in Central California.

“Our thoughts are with everyone impacted by these wildfires, some of whom must now start over,” said Antonio Rodrigues, Grundfos plant director. “This hits close to home, because it is our home. We want to help the community—our neighbors, friends and partners—who are affected by this disaster.”

Grundfos employs more than 290 employees at its manufacturing plant in Fresno, California. At the facility, the company manufactures pumps that serve customers in groundwater and irrigation, domestic heating and hot water recirculation, commercial buildings HVAC and plumbing, and industrial applications. To support production, the Fresno office houses engineering, supply chain, finance, service and IT.

The company was introduced to the American market in 1973 after its founder Poul Due Jensen had discovered a growing market for pumps in California, especially where they are essential for farms and vineyards.

On October 19, the Board of Directors of the Grundfos Foundation awarded 315,775 DKK ($50,000 USD) to the American Red Cross of Central California - Central Valley Chapter. Grundfos Americas has also awarded a $15,000 USD donation to the chapter.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the many victims of the wildfires. It is however heartwarming to see our colleagues in the U.S. exercising this level of compassion towards their fellow citizens. That is why we are also proud to support the Red Cross,” said Kim Nøhr Skibsted, executive director of the Grundfos Foundation.

As part of the local rebuilding efforts, Grundfos is creating a program that will provide a significant discount for a selection of its pump products to those that have lost water service due to the wildfires.

“Grundfos is committed to supporting the relief efforts for those who are being displaced or have lost homes, as well as those who are trying to save people, homes and property,” said Dieter Sauer, Grundfos Americas regional managing director. “We hope our donations encourage others to join in assisting those who have been affected.”