Most energy-efficient hot water recirculation system hits market

The system reduces homeowners’ energy consumption by up to 50%, saves thousands of gallons of water per year per household, and meets regulations such as California Energy Commission Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

“Reducing water and energy usage has always been a core value and ambition at Grundfos,” said Kirk Vigil, vice president of sales. “We are passionate about helping people live more sustainably and meet stricter standards with the latest innovation in our ALPHA line.”

The ALPHA 15-55 HWR-D system’s circulator includes plug-and-pump technology and the trusted Grundfos permanent magnet motor. When hot water is needed, a simple push-button control activates the pump via a Bluetooth signal. The pump then runs for five minutes or until the water entering the piping reaches 102°F, as indicated by an external temperature sensor.

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