Grundfos Announces New Trihedral Software Integration

With the latest VTScada release, a new Grundfos Tag and Screen Builder is fully integrated into Trihedral’s HMI software. These tools allow operators to plug in Grundfos monitoring and control devices, and then watch while VTScada does the rest.

“We are very pleased to work with Trihedral, an industry leader for SCADA systems,” said Robert Montenegro, Grundfos executive vice president of water utility. “The VTScada software integration makes setup and data access for our Dedicated Controls and Control MPC pump controllers easier than ever before, saving municipalities valuable time and giving them better access to their data.”

Grundfos Dedicated Controls and Control MPC
Designed to control up to six Grundfos pumps, Dedicated Controls (CU362) is an intelligent monitoring and control solution developed for emptying pump applications including wastewater lift stations, stormwater stations, influent/effluent stations and more. For boosting applications, the Grundfos Control MPC (CU352) is designed to simplify and optimize pumping in a wide range of applications including pressure boosting, municipal water transfer, industrial process, and many others.

Site Import Utility 
Trihedral and Grundfos have joined together to create an automated Grundfos Tag Builder that operators can launch each time they add a new Grundfos Dedicated Controls or Control MPC to their VTScada system. The new robust feature allows users to choose either controller and define either Modbus or BACNET protocol, depending on the controller. 

After the operator makes a few simple configuration choices, the utility automatically generates all necessary tags and a selection of key application pages. Removing user error increases efficiency and reduces integration costs. Users can create additional specialized pages using VTScada’s drag-and-drop toolset.

The SCADA system remains fully operational during this process, which is a key feature of VTScada and a prime concern by municipalities. The newly added site can be tested on one server and then the validated configuration settings can be automatically propagated to all  servers and clients in real-time. Offline servers are also updated automatically upon restart.

About Trihedral
Founded in 1986, Trihedral is the developer of VTScada; award winning SCADA software used in over 100 countries for plant, telemetry, and hosted systems of any size in a wide variety of industries. Its integrated design and outstanding support allow users to create customized solutions confident that they will scale indefinitely. Contact Bryan Sinkler, 800-463-2783 or at or by visiting