Equipped with energy-efficient solutions, advanced technologies, and strategic partnerships, we are confident to contribute in bringing solutions to climate and water challenges.

For a better, sustainable future

We take responsibility for making a genuine difference in the world by helping our customers meet their needs in an ever-more energy and water-efficient manner. From our work with product life-cycle to minimising our environmental footprint to collaborating with our suppliers to develop more sustainable business practices, we strive to integrate sustainability throughout our value chain. 

Energy-efficient solutions

Today, perhaps more than ever, the demand for energy-efficient products and solutions are higher than before. We as a business, have to operate in unprecedented times, and we believe that we have an even more prominent role to play. 

Technical expertise, customer-oriented research and development, progressive innovation and digitalisation are at the core of our formula for delivering sustainable solutions, services and water technologies for a better tomorrow.

Product life cycle

We aim to reduce the environmental impact of our market offerings throughout their entire life cycle. Already in the design phase, we use Sustainable Product Solutions toolbox which allows us to work through a product’s entire life cycle systematically. This is supported with Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to assess the environmental impacts of our solutions. 

From one initiative to another, we are continually exploring the potential of circular economy from tapping into circular business models, piloting take-back systems, to exploring the reusability of parts and product components.

Reducing our environmental footprint

We are in a continuous process of minimising our environmental footprint, by producing and utilising new technologies that are water and energy-efficient. With the ambition to be climate positive by 2030, we are accelerating a massive investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy.

To be as efficient with water as possible, we are focusing our efforts on improving water-use efficiency and the quality of the wastewater through purification. For instance, our production site in Serbia is working towards the goal of treating and reusing all water consumed on site.

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We can make a difference

According to World Health Organisation (WHO), 12% of the world population drinks water from unimproved and unsafe sources. more than 30% of the world population, or 2.4 billion people, live without any form of sanitation.

We are making a difference, by continuing to apply our core competency in moving, conserving, cleaning and bringing safe water to where it is needed,  one drop at a time.

Water for all

Climate change, water scarcity and urbanization are some of the main challenges that will impact the way we use water today and tomorrow. 

We are living at a time when our technology and know-how about water can save lives. We want to contribute towards offsetting the global water crisis in any way we can. We believe our technology offers viable solutions that can be installed across the globe, giving people safe and reliable access to readily available sources of drinking water. It is a privilege and a responsibility we are deeply aware of and wish to impart on all Grundfos employees. 


In our journey to contribute in tackling the world's water and climate crisis, we look into different partnerships opportunities to create a bigger impact. We collaborate with governments, NGOs, companies, and communities to share our knowledge and experience, explore new perspectives, and advance digitalisation to accelerate our progress towards solving the world's challenges.

These partnerships offer us the opportunity to better understand our solution's adaptability to different needs and tailor comprehensive solutions to the demand.

One example of these collaborations is the partnership between the Embassy of Iceland, Water Mission, the Ugandan government, and Grundfos to bring access to safe water for 45,000 people in the Buikwe District of Uganda.