Diversity, equity and inclusion

Grundfos is its people and we believe that the key to creating a work environment where employees thrive and grow is our ability to celebrate and value our differences in background, experiences and perspectives. ​​​​​​​ 

Grundfos is its people

We aim to foster a diverse and inclusive workplace where people feel valued, respected and supported. This is at the heart of who we are in Grundfos. With approximately 19.000 employees across geographies, we are proud to harness the diverse mix of talents, perspectives, and experiences inherent in our organisation. We believe that having a diverse blend of talents is key to continuing the development of new innovative and sustainable water solutions – both for our business and for society as well. 

Grundfos is our people and we see diversity, equity and inclusion as a competitive advantage. Differences in backgrounds, mindsets, preferences, traits and skillsets are key to driving and developing our business. We must attract and maintain a diverse blend of talents so we continue to develop new, innovative and sustainable water solutions. By enhancing the diversity, equity and inclusion in Grundfos, we are not only able to make our company stronger, but society as well
Poul Due Jensen, CEO
In line with our values we believe that everyone has the power to influence and that everyone must feel respected and valued. We embrace all individuals irrespective of gender, religion, ethnicity or sexual preferences, wanting all our colleagues to come to work feeling safe and welcome to give their best. This benefits not only us as individual employees but also the company and ultimately the society
Lone Tvis, CHRO
For our DE&I journey to be successful, we need the sum of us – not just some of us. We invite and encourage all colleagues to build an inclusive culture, and we do our utmost to inspire and support in how to do that. It comes down to individual behaviour, how to run meetings, discussing with colleagues, including DE&I perspectives in people decisions and looking out for what is needed in own areas. We want to do this together to succeed in a sustainable way
Ulla Grøn, Head of DE&I

Our aspiration

Grundfos commits to improving quality of life by enabling our people to achieve their fullest potential. By embracing diversity, equity and inclusion, we make Grundfos and society stronger.

In Grundfos we believe that a successful change to a diverse mindset boils down to everyone taking small actions in our daily lives – and some will take bigger actions. To help turn our intentions into actions, we have set five themes that will drive our journey towards an even more diverse and inclusive workplace. 

The five themes are:

  • Leadership Commitment
  • Inclusive Culture
  • Advancement and Recruiting of Women
  • Early Career Development
  • Reduced Work Capacity/Special Needs Representation

Leadership Commitment

Our ambition is to grow a diverse, equitable and inclusive organisation where our leaders are roles-models who embraces differences. We believe that leadership is key to driving diversity, equity and inclusion results. 

Inclusive Culture

We unlock the power of diversity by ensuring everyone globally feels welcomed, valued, respected and supported. Fostering an inclusive culture will enable diversity to flourish and realize its benefits.

Advancement and Recruiting of Women

We strive to lead the way towards a better gender balance - in Grundfos and in the industry. We will continue our work in increasing the representation of women and strengthening the pipeline of female leaders.

Early Career Development

We support new colleagues to grow professionally. We believe in our young talents’ drive and their contribution towards innovative solutions that address our world’s water and climate challenges.

Reduced Work Capacity / Special Needs Representation

Back in 1968, we created the first flexible workshop in Denmark. The concept was to empower employees with reduced work capacity, and to this day, we continue to empower people with special needs to have a fulfilling work life. Now, we extend this ambition to also include cognitive challenges and we set out to empower people with special needs to have a fulfilling work life in office areas as well as in production.

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