Inclusion at Grundfos Mexico

Our production site in Mexico lives our values by having an inclusive workforce.

Two of its salient initiatives are the employment of workers with reduced work capacities and helps first offenders accused of minor crimes to re-integrate through work.

Reintegrate through work: Having a second chance

At Grundfos, inclusion comes in various forms and MXP, our company in Mexico, takes the initiative to a higher level. In collaboration with RENACE, an NGO that focuses on supporting first offenders accused of minor crimes get out of prison and facilitating them to integrate into the labour market.

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Image: Victor Moreira, our HR colleague at MXP who carries out the project 

It is inspiring how a small talk between two friends can lead to an initiative that changes lives. An initiative that is perfectly in line with our Grundfos values, but also a great business opportunity for MXP, our production plant in Mexico, which was struggling to find manpower. It all started when Daniel Uribe, our HR Manager in MXP met with an old friend, who happened to be the head of Renace.

Renace is an NGO that helps first offenders accused of minor crimes get out of prison and, among other things, helps them re-enter society by providing advice, psychological support and by facilitating access to the labour market. Its work has benefitted more than 1,000 people of which 97% have succeeded in staying out of prison. Five have successfully entered the labour market and two of them are now our colleagues.

There was no special treatment of the project candidates during the recruitment process. Renace provided Grundfos with candidate profiles and the applicants went through the same recruitment process as everybody else. MXP assigned the two candidates in positions that matched their profiles. “We are proud to work in a company that does not discriminate and believes everyone deserves a second chance. We are treated like any other employee, and the company is always open to meet our needs,” says the two candidates. One of them elaborates on the challenges of entering the labour market after being released from prison “People released from prison are often met by prejudices, but Grundfos has given me a second chance and motivates me to develop. To me, this strong focus on people is a crucial element for me in avoiding setbacks.” The other candidate tells how proud he feels of being able to solve challenges at work based on his ideas and to see that you can add value to problem solving. “I do my best at work for my son. I feel like nothing can stop me.”

One of their supervisors says, “It has been a learning process in which both the company and the project candidates have learnt from each other and helped each other to grow. The candidates’ high level of motivation and commitment, their ambitions and strong will to move forward truly inspire me,” he adds. For both candidates, the biggest motivation and driver to move forward is their family.“ We hope this kind of program will get more support so more people can have a second chance, like the one we got.”


The project “Justice for San Luis Potosi” takes home the Poul Due Jensen Social Responsibility Award 2017 from the Poul Due Jensen Foundation. 

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