Cas d’application

Akvedukts SIA: SP and MP

The Situation
On July 1, 2005, the “Luîze Ðarlote” floating fountain began operating in Ventspils Vidumgrâvis. Contracting authority: Ventspils Public Utilities Board.

The Grundfos Solution
The technologies for the floating fountain were supplied by the German manufacturer OASE. The water pattern is created by 19 fountain nozzles that are operated by two pumps (total power 8kW). The central jet operates at 7 m, the remaining jets at between 3 and 5 m.

The fountain is operated by two Grundfos SP 46-3-C borehole pumps with a total power of 8 kW. Each pump is equipped with a cooling sleeve to provide effective flow around the pump motor, which is positioned horizontally, and with a protective unit that provides continual monitoring of electric parameters. Should any of the parameters deviate from the normal range, e.g. as a result of accumulation of sediments on the pump, the flow around the motor will be insufficient; this can easily result in overheating, in which case the unit automatically cuts the power to the pump.

MP204 monitors the following parameters of the motor:
- Overload
- Dry operation
- Temperature control in the engine
- Phase loss
- Overcurrent
- Undercurrent
- Power ratio
- Disbalance voltage

The programming of the MP204 device and the viewing of all parameters is carried out by means of an R100 remote control unit.

The Outcome
During the summer everyone in Ventspils can enjoy this beautiful fountain!
We would like to express our gratitude to LLC “Akvedukts” project manager Gints Jaunzems for choosing Grundfos equipment for this fountain.