Cas d’application

Ecotherm DPI solution for heating

The Situation
ECOTHERM is a customer using different kinds of Grundfos pumps, such as UPS, TP and CR pumps.

Because of good experience with the Grundfos quality, and good support from Grundfos Austria, it was interesting for ECOTHERM to integrate other Grundfos products into their products.
The existing sensor solution was replaced by the differential pressure sensor DPI without any problems.

The Grundfos Solution
The DPI is used in the high capacity water heater (heat exchanger) system to measure the differential pressure in the system to monitor for clogging in the system.

It is necessary to control the clogging because of the aim of ECOTHERM to offer the highest efficiency in their systems.
The DPI was integrated in several applications with high reliability and extreme low failure rates. The implementation in the heat exchanger was therefore easy and is running without any complaints.

The Outcome
In these hot water applications, it is necessary to make sure that the systems are running without any failures.
It is very important for ECOTHERM that they use products in the heat exchangers, which are top quality and reliable whilst also being price competitive..
All these requirements are fulfilled with the differential pressure sensor DPI of Grundfos Direct Sensors™.