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Electronics and water mix well in Korea

Water is normally not an element you associate with consumer electronics. But for electronics giant Samsung in Korea, an adequate, reliable and extremely pure supply of water is indispensable.

Without the proper quality and quantity, their production of LCD screens would cease. As the world’s largest producer of such screens, the company’s reputation (and finances) would be instantly damaged.

The Situation
Samsung’s LCD production facilities are a part of the factory complex in Chun-an, Korea. Here the plants produce LCD-TFT screens used in mobile phones, PC monitors and televisions to name a few. Since 1998, Samsung has occupied the position as the world’s leading producer of LCD screens. LCD technologies utilise the electrical conductive characteristics of water to produce their images.

The water contained within each and every LCD screen must therefore be extremely pure. When the time came for Samsung’s to upgrade their existing reverse osmosis systems, they turned to Grundfos for an innovative solution.

The Grundfos Solution
Grundfos Korea and Samsung worked closely with Kurita Water Treatment, Ltd. from Japan when designing and installing the system.

Today, almost 700 Grundfos pumps and booster systems have been employed across the massive production facilities. Worth noting are 379 CRN pumps, 211 TP in-line pumps and 34 BM booster modules. 28 CLM and 18 GTI pumps round out the installations found in four separate factories.

The Outcome
Samsung presently enjoys a significant savings in energy consumption, a simpler control of maintenance procedures and a large amount of freed-up floor space since installing the Grundfos systems.

Grundfos pumps contribute to the successful production of tens of thousands of LCD screens daily, ranging in size from 1.7 inches to 40 inches. Samsung fully intends to maintain its position as world leader within the field. Groundwork has begun on the world’s largest TFT-LCD production facility, which will cover over two million square meters (some 498 acres) when fully completed. The world’s first 7th generation TFT LCD line, this is the first of four lines planned for the complex in Tangjeong, in Chung Cheong Nam-Do, Korea. Thinking ahead, Grundfos Korea has already suggested employing TP3 in-line pumps, which are capable of delivering the amounts of water required.