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Environmental progress in China supported by Grundfos products

TONGREN, CHINA: In recent years, the Chinese government has adopted several very ambitious plans to improve the environment. Many of the projects carried out as part of these plans involve the creation and expansion of wastewater treatment plants. In fact, the dual objectives of having treatment plants for all cities and of boosting treatment rates in cities to 45–60% call for the establishment of 1137 plants.

One such plant is located in Tongren in the Guizhou province in Western China. For this facility, Grundfos presented a sophisticated yet very environmentally-friendly solution that was persuasive enough to make the customers reconsider their original preference and go for Grundfos instead.

The Situation
The city of Tongren is located in the north-east of the Guizhou province. It is home to some light industry and is a well-known source of mercury. The city is located close to the mountain of Fanjing Shan, a site revered by Buddhists and nature-lovers alike. The mountain is famed for its extraordinarily rich plant life and wildlife and was appointed as a nature reserve in 1981. Access routes were improved in the early 1990s, and since then the area has attracted many visitors eager to enjoy the stunning landscape.

Tongren is among the cities included in the Chinese government’s ambitious plans for environmental improvements. As a result, a new wastewater treatment plant was planned.

The Grundfos Solution
When it was time to establish a wastewater treatment plant with a daily capacity of 50,000 m3 at Tongren, the project attracted several interested pump suppliers. In fact, negotiations with another major pump manufacturer had already reached an advanced state when Grundfos presented an alternative solution.

The Grundfos proposal was tailored to meet the real needs of the contractor, Malthe Winje AS, and the end user, presenting so many advantages that a deal was eventually struck in March of 2003. The whole process was supported by the Central Customer Service Unit (CCSU), a special Grundfos department devoted to handling largescale project management anywhere in the world.

The Outcome
The system design accurately matched the customer’s requirements, and the equipment delivered has been thoroughly inspected to ensure full satisfaction. With final installation and commissioning scheduled for 2005, the city of Tongren will benefit from efficient wastewater treatment in the years to come. What is more, the area surrounding the city will be protected by an environmentally-friendly system, preserving the beauty of Fanjing Shan for future generations.