Cas d’application

Flowcontrol for Industrial Wash and Clean

The Situation

KSN Industry A/S are producing Industrial washing plants for many different purposes. Their machines are used for washing e.g. little metal pieces and oil of processed Pump Chambers.

KSN Industry A/S have been trying to create a more automated washing plant using e.g. switches for controlling the media circulation and by that optimizing the whole process in the plant. They were though seeking more control over the usage of media, energy consumption and media temperature. For this purpose a more intelligent measuring device was needed

The Grundfos Solution

The Grundfos Sensor A/S Vortex Flow Sensor (VFS) was tested to see, if the sensor was able to solve the issue. After many tests and software plus hardware upgrades of the VFS it was able to control the system in the required way. This has resulted in a system, which only uses media when absolute needed and has cut down on the energy consumption as well. Furthermore, they are now able to control the temperature of the media, which makes it possible for the system to obtain the most favourable temperature for the current process.

The Outcome

Since KSN Industry A/S is a make to order company, then the number of sensors which they purchase varies a lot based on the type and size of the system build. But the VFS Sensor has become an integrated part of many of their systems today where it helps KSN Industry A/S save water, energy and delivers clean parts in a controllable manner to it’s customers.

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