Cas d’application

For brewing beer, only the best pumps are good enough

The 143-year-old brewery Brauerei Zipf is the leading beer brand In Austria. It has reached this dominant position on the basis of its reputation for consistency and due to its dynamic product development strategy.

Zipfer beer is available on international markets as “Zipfer Original”, a beer of the highest quality with a refreshing, finely hopped flavour. The basis for the Zipfer brewing recipe is provided by carefully selected hops from the finest garden regions in combination with outstanding malt.
The experienced touch of the master brewer and a slow maturation process then gently turn this beer into the slimline, lightly hopped “Zipfer Original”.

The Situation
It is essential for both production and for the end product that the water supply system runs reliably and that the quality of the supplied water is consistent. A failure could bring prodution to a standstill and harm the quality of the beer.

There is also strong competition among the breweries to continuously decrease energy consumption.

The Grundfos Solution
Three Grundfos high-grade AISI 316 stainless steel CRN 64 pumps controlled by a central PLC system supply all brewery water. One CRN 8 serves as jockey pump to maintain a constant pressure in the system.

The versatile CR pumps are used not only for the brewing water but also for the cooling water, heating, cleaning etc.

The Outcome
The original CR range has three decades’ reputation for reliability and the maintenance procedures are quick and simple.

Grundfos supplied highly efficient hydraulics and drives as well as the professional dimensioning tool WinCAPS to optimise the pump selection.

Now the system runs very reliably and at optimum efficiency - reducing the Cost of Ownership over the life cycle. And maintaining that vital beer taste!