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Fresenius AG is placing all its bets on Grundfos pumps at its group headquarters All-round service provider with added value

Fresenius AG's main headquarters in Bad Homburg are impressive: the aesthetically appealing architecture, together with the principal materials of glass and steel and the white lime-sand brick, give the impression of bold design, respectability and dynamism.

This impression is very apt: the company employs over 100,000 employees throughout the world and has forecast sales of over 10 billion euros for 2006. The company provides dialysis products and services, products and services for hospitals and outpatient care. The company's areas of work also cover hospital management and services for hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry.

The Situation
Industrial companies are placing increasing value on streamlined purchasing processes involving as few suppliers as possible. This is also true as far as investing in new pump systems and/or updating existing ones is concerned. Many operators are increasingly beginning to seek solutions from one single provider, as this particularly reduces the internal handling costs. In addition, all-round service providers ensure higher quality advice and generally more economical planning and execution. Fresenius also recognises the value of an all-round service provider. As the healthcare group's approach is based around the idea of "sustainable development", the technology installed in the extension building should also take account of environmental protection aspects.

The Grundfos Solution
Grundfos' 'one-stop shop' philosophy meets these expectations: from submersible pumps for supplying water from deep wells, dosing pumps and centrifugal pumps for use in the relevant water treatment processes, high-pressure pumps for feeding tanks and booster systems for distributing water, as well as pumps for wastewater disposal, this supplier's portfolio covers them all. Hygienic pumps (Hilge brand) and dosing solutions and disinfection technology systems (Alldos brand) now complete this range.

A booster system, a compact MD lifting station, a Magna circulator pump for heating systems, AP submersible pumps for building drainage and a rainwater plant featuring SP and CHI pumps are installed in the extension building.

The Outcome
Graduate engineer Gerd MacFarlane, Head of the Facility Management Department at Fresenius AG, prizes the 'added value' of such an extensive range: "This brings advantages for us which range from always having the same contact person through to the clear inventory of spare parts."

Fresenius has also already had great experiences with Grundfos in the past - the technology works and the pumps are reliable. Other factors that were decisive in our choice of pump supplier were that the pumps are extremely easy to maintain and if something does go wrong, there are no problems with the supply of spare parts.

A well-equipped modular design makes it easy for the user to find the right pump for virtually every medium. A further aspect is that the user can be sure of receiving objective advice from Grundfos on this diverse product range.