Cas d’application

Grundfos CR pumps for fire fighting systems

NK Co. Ltd. of Busan, Korea, was established in 1980 under the name of Nam Yang. The company specialises in the manufacture of advanced fire fighting systems for land and maritime applications, gas cylinders and containers, and other specialised products for fire fighting systems. NK Co. Ltd. is the Korean market leader in this field. In recent years it has brought its expertise and experience onto the world market where it has established a reputation for excellence and customer support. NK Co. Ltd. now has about 40% of the world market for integrated fire fighting systems and 80% of the company’s production is being exported globally.

NK Co. Ltd. has expanded its capabilities from acknowledged leadership in the field of marine fire protection to a premier position as full-range supplier of fire fighting systems. In collaboration with leading international component suppliers and supported by an efficient global distributor organisation, the company has achieved global recognition for excellence and quality.

The Situation
The Grundfos CR pumps are used for high or low-expansion foam-extinguishing systems. The systems consist of a foam concentrate storage tank, a water pump, foam supply and mixing unit, piping, foam generators and control devices. The foam concentrate is a multi-purpose foam with 2% mixture for high expansion.

High expansion systems extinguish fires through cooling and suffocation by means of inert gas from the foam. Low expansion systems produce a foam layer, which covers the burning surface and shuts off the air supply to the fire. The high-expansion foam systems are made in two versions, using either inside or outside air. Both versions work equally well with fresh water or sea water. The systems are particularly well suited for oil fires.

The Grundfos CR pumps are used for pumping water through the foam-mixing unit and for pumping foam to the fire site.

The Grundfos Solution
The Grundfos CR multistage centrifugal pumps offer a wide range of solutions that make these pumps ideal for NK Co. Ltd. The extremely reliable CR pumps are available in a variety of sizes and different versions.

Available in all high-grade stainless steel – or for particularly corrosive environments such as sea water, in all-titanium – the CR range is ideal for applications where long-term reliability are of paramount import-ance such as firefighting systems.

In addition to the standard range, the Grundfos CR pumps are available in customised versions, purpose constructed for individual requirements and particularly difficult working conditions such as extreme temperatures, extraordinary pressures, or vaporous, explosive or otherwise difficult-to-handle liquids.

The Outcome
NK Co. Ltd. manufactures approximately 80 firefighting units with Grundfos CR pumps installed per year. Three different sizes of CR pumps are being used, CR 10, CR 15 and CR 32 respectively.

To date almost 700 of the advanced NK Co. foam extinguishing systems have been sold to overseas markets. Many of these are installed on ships that sail to far corners of the world. Component reliability and service availability is, therefore, of extreme importance to NK Co.