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Grundfos Dosing enables technological progress in Russian paper mill

Mayak Paper-mill in Russia is one of the biggest paper manufacturers in the world and the oldest enterprise in Russia, founded in 1850. The company employs more than 1,400 people and produces paperbase for sheet decorative and paper wallpaper. More specifically, the company has specialised in manufacturing a printed surface for furniture, where a high-tech printing technique enables the company to develop a variety of designs and qualities.

Furthermore, a special Mayak Paper-mill trademark is an environmental concern, expressed through their use of degradable materials only.

The Situation
When Mayak Paper Mill recently went through an extensive reconstruction it was decided to replace some of the updated equipment. In this case new dosing pumps were top priority.

When producing a surface for furniture, it is essential that the dosing pumps supply extremely precise and smooth colour pigment for the advanced paper machines. However, the existing dosing pumps were unable to perform in accordance with the requirements, causing uneven colouring. Only by stopping the production line and changing the flow manually was Mayak paper-mill able to get an acceptable result. Obviously, this process was time-consuming, inefficient and caused significant delays. Consequently, the requirements for a new dosing solution were simple: smooth, precise and automatic.

The Grundfos Solution
In close competition with some of the major international dosing manufacturers, Grundfos presented Mayak Paper Mill with a future-oriented solution they could not refuse. For the very first time they saw an innovative dosing solution that matched the advanced features of their production.

During summer 2004 Grundfos supplied a total of eight DME dosing pumps - two DME 940-4 AR and six DME 375-4 AR pumps.

The fully automatic Grundfos solution was completely compatible with the existing control system. In fact, having seen the Grundfos solution, the customer decided that their IT manager would be best equipped to manage the installation in close cooperation with Grundfos.

The Outcome
The IT manager in charge of the installation was impressed with the innovative Grundfos solution. Implementation of the Grundfos dosing pumps into the existing systems was easy and completely unproblematic.

“The Grundfos solution was very simple to install and is very easy to operate”, says IT manager Sharov Sergey Aleksndrivich. And he continues “The high turndown ratio without re-calibrating the system makes the process much more efficient and flexible. This way, we will save a lot of time and money.”

Being an environmentally conscious company, Grundfos is pleased to have enabled Mayak Paper Mill to accomplish its environmental responsibility. Because the pigment dosing is precise and smooth, the waste of chemical pigment for colouring is reduced significantly. In addition, the process is much more cost-effective and the quality of the finished product significantly higher.