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Grundfos equips new Ave WWTS

Grundfos has provided the equipment for the new Ave Wastewater Treatment Station (WWTS). This Station, long awaited by the population, will enable proper treatment of wastewater generated in most of the boroughs which form part of the Vila do Conde and Povoa do Varzim local authority areas.

The Soares da Costa / Monte Adriano / Efacec Environment Consortium was responsible for implementing the Ave WWTS, located in the borough of Tougues, in Vila do Conde. According to Águas do Ave S. A.- the client - this is a project of great environmental impact for the region, improving the quality of life for the people concerned.

The overall project involved a cost of about twenty million Euros and is just one of several investments that Águas do Ave, SA will be making in the Vila do Conde and Povoa de Varzim local authority areas. The Ave WWTS covers a population of about 258,000 inhabitants in the high season and 184,000 in the low season.

Equipped with the most modern and efficient technologies in the sector, the Ave WWTS ensures liquid and solid phase processing operations, and the deodorizing of domestic sewage. The tertiary-type treatment contributes to the production of effluent that once channelled to the river Ave, benefits from the increased flow and oxygenation of the waters of the Ave.



  • Increased reliability
  • Increased energy saving
  • Efficient After-Sales Service



"Grundfos submitted a very competitive technical-commercial bid and the incorporation of a wide combination of equipment in its proposal for the installation gives it the advantage over other makes. I believe there is no doubt about the quality of the Grundfos brand which is recognized by everyone involved in this type of facility."

Engineer Rui Fernandes
Efacec Ambiente